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DELMA held Year-End Celebration and Award Ceremony

Overseas Business Section—January 18,2014 witness the happiest Year End Celebration and Award Ceremony of entire DELMA team member. The lobby of Ke Jia Wang Restaurant near the factory had has been brimming with the celebratory and festival atmosphere. All the workers from 7 departments and 14 sections of DELMA Company took part in the celebration. In the Awarding Segment after dinner, almost 71 people got rewards, whose faces were filling with bright smile all night. The highest cash reward was high up to 8 thousand yuan. Boss Mr.Long Jinhao said this is a kind of investment for long term invisible wealth, which no doubt tight up relationships between company and workers. He is happy seeing this atmosphere.


General manager Mr.Long Jinhao, Sales Director Nako Yang and their parents and families also presented the activity; many people also brought their families to the site.


Statistic shows that the total sales of 2013 are level off with previous year, of which Europe has the largest percentage of the market share of dental products, at 47%. The second is Asia, account for 32%. Paraguay, Colombia, Dominica and Venezuela in South America make up 21% of the market share. Marketing Department gives its objective of struggle for the year 2014 and makes determination to break through the historical record.


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